FAQ Page

Find answers to some popular questions.

Do you offer design services?

Yes, in MJFParts we offer 3d design services. We have an experienced team of industrial designers. Feel free to contact us in order to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Is my design printable?

Once you upload your design and ask for a quote, we run thorough checks on your model and inform you whether or not the model is printable. If there are errors on the model, we try to offer you solutions in order to correct them.

Are your materials kids-safe/water-resistant/food safe?

We use MJF 3d printing technology and more specifically the HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 material. To get informed please check the material page.

How ordering works?

You upload your model, you choose the options you like, we fabricate it for you and send it to you.

Can I have a quote?

Absolutely! Use our Calculator and choose your desired printing options, the printing cost is automatically calculated. In case you have more complex needs, feel free to contact us.

Do you accept business orders from the EU?

Yes, we accept orders from around the world.

My model is really big, can you print it?

In case your model cannot fit into one print run (see Material Guidelines for size details), we will let you know. If you wish to proceed, you should either edit your model to fit in two prints or scale it down.
In general we consider big models or large quantity orders as special and we try to get in touch with the client in order to avoid mistakes.

How long will it take to ship it? Can i rush it?

We try to fabricate your products as fast as possible and ship it to you. Typically we ship within 8-15 business days. If this seems to be too long, just keep in mind that every product is made on demand!
Yes we offer rush order with an extra 25% cost.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship all around the globe.

Will i have to pay import tax and duties?

Import tax and duties depend on the destination country. EU customers are not charged with any additional import tax or duties since we are an EU based company.

Shipping cost and delivery time

You can find more information about the shipping cost and delivery time of every option in our Pricing Information page.

I can't find an answer to my question

No need to worry get in touch with us. Use our Contact Page for more details.

I get a message that my model is not printable, what can I do?

There are plenty of reason for receiving this message. However, along with the “not printable” message, there should be an explanation telling you what is wrong with your model. Please check it out and follow the correction advice that come with it.
Some of the most common problems are:

  • The file is not the right format. We only accept STL, PLY and VRML2. If your software does not support this kind of files you can use the free Meshlab to convert it.
  • The file exceeds 1 million triangles. Most of the times so many triangles are of no use in 3d printing, check our General Rules page for more details. To solve the problem try different smoothing settings on your model or reduce the polygons.
  • Colorful models do not include their texture map.

If you still have questions on the matter, Contact us and we’ll find a way to help.

What kind of file formats do you accept?

MJFParts at the moment accepts the following file formats:

  • STL
  • PLY
  • OBJ
  • VRML 97/2 (WRL)

MeshLab can be used to import, export and convert into all the above format.

STL Files do not contain any colour information and will be printed in the specified colour. The default colour is white or natural(depending on the material).

Should I use a specific 3d software?

No, you are free to use whichever 3d software you prefer as long as it exports our supported file formats.