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What is Multi Jet Fusion printing technology?

Multi jet printing is an additive manufacturing method created by HP. It utilizes a multi-agent printing process in order to build parts. As in most 3d printing technologies, your plastic parts will be created layer by layer according to your 3d model.

MJF is a powder based technology which uses an agent to bond the powder similar to binder jetting. Contrary to laser-based systems, MJF selectively distributes the fusing agents across the bed of powder.

How does it work?

Initially, the fusion printhead starts by depositing binding droplets and detailing agents across the polymer powder layers that have been preheated. We should point out that the binder works as a heat-absorbing ink, which allows the powder to melt easier to what it binds to.

Each layer gets fused by the melting features of infrared light, while simultaneously being held by the binding agent. The detailing agent then enables the “cooling effect” providing a crisp edge result around the melted areas, with a primary purpose of preventing a melt-pool from forming into the loose powder.

Next, the power is then distributed on the very top of every solid layer. The powder acts as the supporting structure of the model during the print process. This part of the process repeats itself until the part being printed completely.

When the printing process is complete, the build box is removed from the printer. An operator carefully extracts the parts from the build box and removes the remaining powder thanks to brushes and air blowers.

Thanks to this technology you can reduce costs
and improve performance

What are the advantages of MJF?

The Multi Jet Fusion process is the fastest plastic 3D printing technology, perfect for prototyping or manufacturing. Multi Jet Fusion is great for both beginners and experienced professionals because of its high precision and low cost.

With the MJF process you can manufacture plastic parts with a good surface finish and impressive mechanical characteristics. Also, it is suitable for complex geometries and shapes which can be created in a short amount of time.

Thanks to this technology you can reduce costs and improve performance. The Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology can be used from mechanical (e.g. prototypes, articulated objects, geared systems), electrical, medical, ornamental, automotive, to even educational purposes.